Ecotri France

ECOTRI  is een van de drie vennootschappen die onder de Fouesnantais Workshops,  een vereniging (wet 1901), is opgericht is in 1989. De stichting is een duurzame tewerkstelling van personen met een handicap en beroepsonderwijs integratie. De Ecotri voert sortering uit en behandeling van recyclebaar huishoudelijk afval. De fabriek is in het voorjaar van 2016 opnieuw forst uitgebreid met optische en mechanische scheiders gefabriceerd door Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions. Omdat Stellio Engineers sinds 2009 betrokken is bij de ontwikkelingen van de fabriek mochten wij ook nu onze diensten verlenen. Wij zijn ontzettend trots op de samenwerking en het resultaat. 

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Canada Fibers Toronto – Canada

Canada Fibers Ltd. is a privately held company incorporated in 1990. Proud to be associated with companies such as Atlantic Packaging. Canada Fibers Ltd. has successfully grown into one of the largest independently run material recycling companies.

Employing a dedicated work force, Canada Fibers Ltd. offers a comprehensive array of services dedicated to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Our Marketing Service Team located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada provides transportation, marketing and technical services to a multifaceted group of industries.

Stellio Engineers services were requested by VAN DYK Recycling Solutions who offers world-class systems for the recycling and sorting of single stream, commercial waste, construction and demolition debris, plastics, e-waste, municipal solid waste and much more. Our high-performing solutions enable you to increase your tph throughput, reduce labor and operational costs, produce quality end products and increase your profits.

Handan – China

In 2010 our first project development experiences found place during the preparations for the Hak Handan Agricultural park. Signing the LOI to work toward the cooperation between Chinese and Dutch enterprises and official visits from the dutch provincial governments.

With a total investment of 250 million euros, the park mainly involves the building of a full range of agri-food processing, drying and freezing equipment, refrigerating equipment, agricultural products processing machinery, poultry slaughtering and meat processing equipment, baking flow lines, dairy and dairy products processing lines etc. Also the park will have research and development of agricultural machinery, construction of exhibition centers and other projects, aiming to serve the R&D and result tests of many Dutch and Chinese enterprises, and demonstrate and promote the results and latest developments of the most advanced agricultural and food processing industries. Source: website hak-handan

Apek Astrakhan – Russia

The project – housing reform party, is able to provide a new level of quality services to the population and affect environmental issues. The project is socially significant because able to improve the ecological state of the environment for more than 500 thousand inhabitants of the capital of the Caspian Sea: the impact of a new landfill on the environment is reduced almost to a minimum, which will provide 100% security. Construction of new infrastructure projects will bring the region more jobs, payments to the budgets of various levels, social issues, create impetus for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, will contribute to market development and recycling waste.

Stellio Engineers was responsible for implementing technology supplied by Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery from the Netherlands and site commissioning. The “Astrakhan Industrial Complex Environment” was established in 2007. The main activity of UAB “APEC” is to build a new modern landfill and waste sorting complex (CMC) with capacity of 200 tons of solid waste per year in the Narimanov district of the Astrakhan region, and to ensure effective operation of municipal solid waste landfill.

Engineering and design

In collaboration with Dutch customers Stellio Engineers designing the basic principals of food processing plants and machinery. 3D models served as a foundation for further development of the plant and technology. All aspects of process engineering are taken into the account for a optimum efficiency on all factors and the the foresight of future factory expansion.

Ledsson Nederland

Ledsson Nederland is gespecialiseerd in energie efficiënte verlichting. Het bedrijf heeft advies en ontwerp in het dienstenpakket. Het leveringsprogramma bestaat uit een groot assortiment aan producten. Ledsson levert deze producten aan installateurs, vastgoedeigenaren, scholen en gemeentes.

Ledsson Nederland heeft als doelstelling om in elk project waarbij het betrokken is, een energiereductie te bewerkstelligen. Er zijn in de verlichting industrie talloze technische oplossingen mogelijk. Daarom steekt Ledsson Nederland energie in het besparen van het uwe. Voor snel voor meer informatie op: Stellio Engineers heeft Ledsson Nederland opgericht naast de dienstverlenende activiteiten in de industrie.

Project Derwenthaugh

The sorting system of Lubo Systems will segregate all of the recyclable materials; ferrous, aluminium, plastics, glass and fibres. Recovery rate is higher than 90%. The recovered fibres will be used to generate energy. To be able to separate the glass from the fibres, Lubo Systems is developing special equipment.

With Derwenthaugh Ecoparc, a waste management model will be created that provides economically viable solutions to some of the major problems, associated with extracting valuable resources, from the most difficult to manage waste streams, namely municipal and commercial waste. Due to the autoclave facility, landfill will be decreased and it will minimize the environmental impact of waste.

Fouesnant – France

In cooperation with Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery, Stellio Engineers completed the waste treatment project late summer 2009 by providing on-site coordination during implementation of the process technology and process commissioning.

The system of Ecotri Ateliers Fouesnantais is able to manage production speeds above the average of 25 tons waste treatment per hour. The in August 2009 input of waste materials exists from 1.9 million kilogram materials.

Bollegraaf Machinery is a multinational private owned company which is specialized in turn-key recycling solutions.

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